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The Ripple Effect

Innovative counselling services for children, youth and families to reduce anxiety and promote strength and resilience.

Ripple Effect Children’s Services, as a company and as individuals, live and work to create a society wherein all individuals are afforded opportunities to grow and live robust lives.


To this end we value:

All efforts to protect the planet and its life forms.

Efforts to diminish and redress systemic injustices.

Life stories and research that expand our consciousness of the vibrant diversities of humanity.

The inherent wisdom and drive toward health within every individual.  

upward view of sunbeams passing through a large winding tree

All of us at Ripple want everyone’s life to be full of love, joy, and respect.

Making everywhere safe, for every person, means making sure everyone is fully free and encouraged to be their unique self. That’s why we celebrate your unique self. We want that for everyone. When it doesn’t happen, we do what we can to make things better right now and we try to correct the mistakes of the past.

We believe that we are always growing and changing. That’s natural for all living things. We love everything that helps us to keep being challenged and experience the diversity and vibrancy of all humanity. Creating relationships that are safe and connected is important to us. Relationships like this help us to feel more vibrancy and joy!

We all struggle to be our best selves at times. When that happens, we think understanding how and why that happened is important. Being curious about ourselves, our relationships and the way we have created our society helps us to see change is possible. We think you are special and that you have all the information and wisdom you need to be the best you you can be.

To be our best selves, we need to protect the planet, all living things, and all people.

Things have not always been fair for all people both now and in the past. It is never okay for some people to have easier lives at the expense of other people. We think this can change.

There are some rules and ideas about how we should all live together. Not everyone has agreed to these rules and ideas. All people, no matter who they are, where they live, what they have, or how they think, must be a part of creating the rules for how we all live together.

But above all, we believe that “No one gets hurt” in their mind, body and soul is the most important rule. That’s the world we want to live in.

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