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When we are stressed, 
we are not our best selves.

Ripple Effect Services can help children navigate life’s difficult moments.

Our History

Bringing together over 70 combined years of experience working within various mental health settings, Lisa and Ron founded Ripple Effect Services in 2018 to share their enthusiasm for relational, neurologically informed approaches. Their passions for self-development and continued learning have coalesced to create the Ripple Effect Model.

Contact us today to discover how we can support you and your family.

Overhead angle of a table top. A child sits a the table colouring. Craft materials strewn across table.

Our Amazing Team


Anika Edwards, RECE, RP(Q)

Anika is the epitome of a vibrant new therapist, with a Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) badge and a mission to complete her clinical hours. Her love of helping children and youth is the stuff of legend! She's even equipped with an undergraduate degree in Childhood Studies. She's been an Early Childhood Educator, and her fire for creating a safe, nurturing space for kids is unmatched. With Anika on their team, young people can soar to new heights, and she's all about letting them take the lead and build their confidence. A unique fact about Anika is her love for reptiles, particularly snakes and geckos. Anika enjoys creating art and her favorite food is pizza.

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Katherine Borak, CYW, BA CYC, MEd, PhD, RSW (pending)

Katherine is a highly experienced practitioner with a commendable 25-year track record in diverse clinical environments focused on children, youth, and families. Her career has been predominantly dedicated to inpatient child and adolescent psychiatry and instructing in post-secondary education. Passionate about learning from young people, Katherine actively fosters spaces where exploration and the exchange of new ideas flourish. Her commitment to enhancing the well-being of those she serves extends beyond clinical expertise, incorporating empathy, creativity, and a genuine dedication to the growth and happiness of young individuals and their families.

Christina Lee, MA, RP, DTATI - Headshot of a person against a rustic backdrop

Christina Lee, MA, RP, DTATI

Christina is a Registered Psychotherapist with a Master’s in Spiritual Care and Psychotherapy and a Professional Art Therapy designation. She believes that everyone deserves an opportunity to explore personal challenges in an empathic, non-judgmental, and collaborative space. She has worked at the Dr. Jay Children’s Grief Centre to support families who are experiencing serious illness, grief, and bereavement.

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Hyunjin/Jinny Cho BSW, MSW Graduate Intern

Meet Hyunjin, one of Ripple's new graduate interns, who welcomes the name "Jinny" with her clients. Hyunjin is an exceptional individual with an unwavering passion for helping others. Beyond her academic achievements, she enjoys expressing her creativity through art, practicing martial arts, and swimming. Hyunjin is enthusiastic about embarking on new adventures, especially ones that involve working with children and youth. Her expertise in crisis counseling, community support, and outreach is impressive, and her mindfulness-based therapy skills make her a true professional in her field. Above all, Jinny's top priority is creating a safe and welcoming environments, making her a superhero in our eyes.

Fareezeh Avari, LMSW, RSW - Headshot of a person against house interior

Fareezeh Avari, LMSW, RSW

Fareezeh is a clinical social worker with a Master’s of Social Work. She is also a master social worker licensed with the New York State Education Department. Fareezeh creates a therapeutic space where children and youth feel safe and comfortable and where they can also have a little fun in the process. She values what children have to say and is always open to what they have to say.

Jessy Perez, BSW, MSW, RSW - Headshot of a person against a seaside backdrop

Jessy Perez, BSW, MSW, RSW

Jessy focuses on mindfulness, de-escalation and motivational interviewing strategies to foster positive changes. She is well-versed in supporting children and youth from a trauma-informed lens, who are struggling with feelings of anxiety, depression, substance or behavioural concerns. She views healing in a holistic way and brings creativity and flexibility to her practice.


Ashlee Parker, MSW, BSW, RSW

Ashlee is a clinical social worker with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, a Bachelor of Social Work, and a Master of Social Work. She believes in creating a therapeutic space that is fun, playful and honours the individual goals and perspectives of the youth and children she works with. Ashlee is passionate about mind-body informed approaches that promote strength, resilience, and wellness. 

Kelly Cassano, MSc, CYW, CYCP - Headshot of a person against a household backdrop

Kelly Cassano, MSc, CYW, CYCP

Kelly holds a MSc in Child and Youth Care (CYC) and has spent the last 20 years learning from resilient and bright young people, in both direct practice and management. She has also spent over 12 years teaching in CYC programs, where her students continue to inspire her work.

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Melanie Solomon BSW, MSW Graduate Intern

Meet Melanie, one of Ripple's Graduate Interns! Melanie is happiest when jamming out on musical instruments, chilling at the beach, and snuggling with animals. But what really sets her heart on fire is helping young people feel safe, seen, and heard. Melanie holds a Bachelor's degree in Social Work and has 4 years of experience in providing crisis support to individuals of diverse backgrounds and ages. Her approach to change-making is rooted in non-judgmental, anti-oppressive principles, shining through her compassionate demeanor and her joyful spirit.

​​Nancy Marshall, MA CYC, RSW - Headshot of a person outside against a river backdrop

Nancy Marshall, MA CYC, RSW

Nancy holds a BA and MA in Child and Youth Care from Toronto Metropolitan University. She is currently finishing her doctoral studies at York University in the Faculty of Education with a focus on neurodiversity-affirming care for autistic young people. She has over 15 years experience supporting autistic and neurodivergent young people and their families in school and community settings. Her therapeutic approaches with all young people are playful, relational, emotion-focused, and polyvagal-informed.

Ron Old, BA, CYC - headshot of a person outside against leaves

Ron Old, BA, CYC

Ron Old has worked as a Child and Youth Care Worker in a variety of settings since 1980. He has a diploma in Child and Youth Work from George Brown College, a Bachelor’s Degree in Child and Youth Counselling from Toronto Metropolitan University, and is a part-time Instructor in the Child and Youth Care Program at Humber College since 2006. Today Ron coordinates the intake process for new clients and facilitates Ripple Effect’s Parent Workshops.

Shaun Mazzocca, RP(Q), CCC - headshot of a person against a brick wall

Shaun Mazzocca, RP(Q), CCC

Shaun is a qualifying Registered Psychotherapist who specializes in working with creatives, performers and athletes. He has an understanding of creative individuals and the unique traumas that contribute to the development of behavioural patterns that can keep us feeling stuck or dissatisfied. Shaun has a passion for acting and loves to use drama exercises in his therapeutic approach.

Courtney Chow, RP, R-DMT - Headshot of a person against a body of water in the background

Courtney Chow, RP, R-DMT

Courtney is a registered psychotherapist with a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counselling and Dance/Movement Therapy. Courtney’s therapeutic approach integrates evidence-based practices with other body-based and artistic forms of healing. She is committed to helping children and youth overcome challenges and move towards their personal goals.

Lisa Marucci, CCW, MSW, RSW - Headshot of a person against a backdrop of books

Lisa Marucci, CCW, MSW, RSW

Lisa is the Clinical Director of Ripple Effect Children’s Services. She holds a Masters of Social Work, Women’s Collaborative Program, from U of T, a BA in Women’s Studies from York University, and a diploma from George Brown College as a Child Care Worker. Lisa has been an Instructor at Toronto Metropolitan University for 17 years, and has operated a private child and adult clinical Social Work practice in Toronto since 2001.

Erin Tee Photo (1).jpg

Erin Tee 

Erin, a neurodivergent parent of a twice-exceptional child, offers a fresh and valuable perspective to our work at Ripple. Her education in cognitive diversity, combined with her personal experience, provides a unique range of expertise and services that can greatly benefit children and their families. Through her Master's degree in Cognitive Diversity in Education from Bridges Graduate School, Erin has developed the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively understand, support, and advocate for individuals with diverse cognitive profiles.

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